Shower with Blessings is a non–profit organization whose mission is to furnish toiletries and other basic necessities to the homeless and those unable to provide for themselves.

The goal of Shower with Blessings is to allow individuals the opportunity to maintain their dignity and self respect while simultaneously affording them an opportunity to re–engage in the work place/mainstream society. Personal hygiene is essential to one’s ability to interact with others.

Shower with Blessings works with both businesses and individuals to secure travel size toiletries and distribute same to shelters, government housing, clinics, and other institutions that routinely interact with the underprivileged.

Shower with Blessings was founded in January of 2011 by siblings Ericka, Emily, and Patrick Silva, when they came to the realization that we, including children, can all do our part.

Just grade school children at the time, they started by collecting the complimentary toiletries given at hotels when they traveled with their family. Shortly thereafter, their dream of helping as many individuals in their community as possible, grew by simply requesting that their fellow students think of the less fortunate when enjoying their family vacations.

Within months, the Silva children had several collection bins at various schools and partnered with a local shelter for the distribution of these “blessings” for the often times forgotten.

Since 2011, Shower with Blessings has become a concerted effort whereby Ericka, Emily, Patrick, and countless others have embraced this unique and rewarding opportunity.

Shower with Blessings has been a vehicle for thousands of individuals, annually, to maintain their dignity, simply by “families providing the small things”.